An Online Workshop/Training Hybrid

Beyond DEI

For managers who are ready to make a commitment and tangible plan on DEI and leadership development.

January 10, 2023


January 19, 2023
3:00pm Eastern Time

Fully step into leadership by embracing diversity

The workplace is changing and the responsibilities of managers are growing. Organizations are struggling with the return to the office or the challenges remote/hybrid work schedules bring. Employees want value-aligned work that also prioritizes their well-being and flexibility. Managers are expected to lead teams with a depth of knowledge and experience, but in many ways, the shifts in the workplace are uncharted territory. There is a distinct need for managers to learn a new leadership style.

Times of change provide moments for transformation.

DEI is not just a buzzword anymore. Teams that embrace diversity of experience and identity lead to teams with diversity of thought, innovation, and efficiency. Staff members do not want to leave essential parts of their identity out of the workplace. They want to have equitable opportunities for advancement, and greater commitment from the workplace toward well-being and support. This moment is demanding a culture change. Managers can both lead the change on their teams and embody the leadership model needed for this new workplace landscape. The Beyond DEI training is an opportunity to embrace this moment, build leadership skills, and prepare for the changes on the horizon.

Beyond DEI addresses the foundational DEI tenets, covering the meaning behind the commonly used acronym and what diversity, equity, and inclusion really mean in practice. This training also takes DEI concepts a step further. The two-hour workshop applies the race and gender lens to one’s leadership style to adapt to the changing workplace and shape team culture.

This live training/workshop hybrid is interactive, with prompts, case studies, and a workbook to create methods that fit your management style and form the base of your individualized leadership plan inclusive of micro DEI initiatives.

Regardless of how long you have been a manager, this training will support your growth and jumpstart DEI practices within your team. Invest two hours to get started and put DEI and leadership into action.

There are two opportunities to attend the training based on your schedule:

Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Thursday, January 19, 2023
3:00pm Eastern Time

Meet your Trainer: V

We are all on a journey to be better, so I meet people where they are with the skills and expertise I have to offer, through a progressive race and gender lens.

I’m Veronique (but you can call me V). I’m the CEO, Founder, and Lead Educator at Ampersand Workspace. I believe race and gender factor into all aspects of our lives so I work with individuals, groups, and organizations to distill anti-racist and gender-inclusive values into actions they can put into practice. This can cover a whole multitude of specific topics and areas of practice! I prefer to talk with people, not at them, so small groups workshop/training sessions and facilitated conversations on complex and multi-layered topics are the sweet spot of my experience and favorite things to do. I bring an international lens from my previous work in International Development, research in American studies & culture, and my current experience as a Black American woman.

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